General Luis Mendieta Ovalle, parte 1

movimiento patria nueva

Officer of the Normal National Police and of Colombia, kidnapped by the FARC in the cruel and atrocious takeover of Mitú, after several days of confrontations marked by inequity.

Our special guest began his career in the Colombian National Police on August 12, 1974. When General Mendieta had already risen to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, he commanded and fought the internationally known takeover of Mitú after several days of combat leading approximately one hundred twenty police officers on the defensive against at least nineteen hundred guerrillas.

After the massacre, General Mendieta and other members of the Public Force were kidnapped by the narco-terrorist group, who despite seeing that they had been seriously injured, burned, etc., forced them to walk for approximately four months in inhumane conditions and deplorable from every point of view, even the one recognized at that time ZONE OF DISTENSION .

During the passing of this first part of the interview, General Mendieta tells us with a sadness still notable in his eyes and timbre of voice how his day to day went by during the period of eleven years, seven months and thirteen days, where obviously we listened details such as: poor diet, degrading treatment, continuous death threats 24 hours a day and seven days a week, presence in acts against all national and international humanitarian law towards children, adolescents and adults belonging to that guerrilla group; indoctrination and other humiliations that despite being a shouting truth, today the so-called FARC Political Party continues to deny.

There will be several experiences and stories that we will hear arriving at the end of this first part of the interview on the blessed day of June 13, 2010, in which under the mandate of President Álvaro Uribe Vélez he is rescued by the Colombian National Army in the marathon OPERATION CHAMELEON .

We look forward to what will unfold next for our next program that will be broadcast on Thursday, August 27, only on e.Radio Prensa y Televisión Internacional.


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